Using WatCom WASM.EXE - How to obtain a listing file?

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Sun Sep 7 13:01:08 CDT 2008

  This must be a really dumb question, but I don't seem to be able to 
figure out
how to obtain a listing file.  I just downloaded 
and installed it without any difficulty.  It assembles my source file 
and I can
link with wlink.  It all works perfectly.  After more than 2 years, I am 
to duplicate the DLL file that I am using and which I want to modify.  But
wasm  /h
command does not even mention anything about a listing file!

Is there any way that I can obtain a listing file of the assembled 
source code?
Thus far, WatCom has the only assembler / linker pair that I have found 
can duplicate the DLL that I am using.  So shifting to a different assembler
may not be useful.

Does WatCom have another EXE file that I am missing that is used to produce
a listing of the assembled source code?

Also, it would be helpful to have a link map, although right now I probably
would not know what to do with one.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine

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