Suggestions for cleaning hundreds of socketed chips?

dwight elvey dkelvey at
Thu Sep 11 07:53:16 CDT 2008

> From: derschjo at
> I've started taking the chips out one by one and cleaning the legs by
> running them over a strip of scotch-brite. This clears off the
> corrosion (and some of these are VERY corroded). I've then been (again,
> carefully) bending the pins out slightly to allow them all to make good
> contact with the socket. I did a row and a half last night, verifying
> the continuity of the connections after each chip. It only took an hour
> and a half :). At this rate, I'll have all 25 rows done in a couple of
> weeks :).

 Get some DoweCorning #4 silicon grease. Put this on the leads.
It will help improve the contacts and help keep future corrossion
from being a problem.
 Many electrical shops have it. I recall seeing it in the
McMaster Carr cat. as well.

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