substitute tube for DEC VR201?

Eric Smith eric at
Fri Sep 12 16:52:34 CDT 2008

I wrote:
 > Not that terribly many years ago, one couldn't walk down the aisles of
 > electronic surplus stores without tripping over piles of VR201s.  I
 > guess those days are gone.

Richard wrote:
> Depending on where you live, those days were never here in the first
> place.
> I would expect that only in Silicon Valley or on the 128 beltway would
> those days have ever been "here".

No, I used to routinely see piles of them in surplus outfits in 
Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.  They weren't huge piles, so I 
was exaggerating a bit, but they definitely weren't at all difficult to 


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