PCjr Telnet Server Test

Michael B. Brutman mbbrutman-cctalk at brutman.com
Sun Sep 14 12:49:42 CDT 2008

The user interface is a bit crappy.  I did the bare minimum to make it 
functional to drive the TCP/IP stack.  If I ever do the full blown 
Telnet BBS this will *not* be the end user interface.  I hate string 
parsing in C ..  it is awful.  And parameter checking is even more of a 

The next time around I'll probably fix some glaring deficiencies but I 
got the itch to let it loose on Friday night and just decided to let it 
go as is.  Next time around:

- There will be 'prompt' letting you know it is alive
- Nicks will be unique - you won't be able to duplicate one in use
- I'll throw more TCP stats up there, like dropped packets per 
connection, remote window size, bytes xfered, etc.
- I'm going to use the LPFK to visually show me how many connections are 
active so I don't need the monitor turned on and I don't have to be at a 
session to look.  (Goofy, I know)
- Telnet autologin support?
- A quote server, a memory viewer, a better chat mechanism, and some 
other things to help people waste time and drive traffic. :-)

The backspace is an interesting problem.  I've interpreting ASCII 8 as a 
backspace, which seems pretty normal to me.  But a lot of clients are 
sending ASCII 127.  Telnet doesn't actually specify backspace as 
required function.  I need to do more research to see what the correct 
behavior is.


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