substitute tube for DEC VR201?

Chris Elmquist chrise at
Tue Sep 16 07:53:21 CDT 2008

On Monday (09/15/2008 at 10:03PM +0100), Tony Duell wrote:
> Do you really have no old 12" monchrome portable TVs/monitors around? I 
> am sure you could find a CRT that would work.

No...  there was a dark period in my life when I decided to get rid of all
that stuff...  even had a Zenith ZVM-1240 monitor (and of course the Z100
to go with it!) which I gave away.

Wouldn't that have been a good replacement?

> > Repair of the unit after the LCD was swapped in would be by replacing
> > the entire LCD subsystem.  But-- I'm betting that if the LCD survives
> Assuming you could get one.... I can see you having the same problem as 
> finding a replacement CRT now...

Actually, there are a number of LCD "modules" that are good candidates.
These are basically LCD TVs and end up in planes, trains and automobiles
so people can watch DVDs instead of staring at the back of a seat.

> > I think what I really need to do is just come to terms with looking
> > through the fog.  The monitor works fine otherwise--  nice and bright
> > and no burn-in so the whole issue is strictly cosmetic.
> I've never tried to remove and re-bond a faceplate, but I've heard others 
> have mamanged it. 

I've seen those efforts discussed.  I think I'll pass on that operation
because it could truely be a destructive procedure.  At least now, the
monitor works and just looks crappy.  After blowing apart the CRT while
trying to peel the front off, I'd really be behind the curve :-)


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