SCSI to IDE bridges...

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Tue Sep 23 12:03:20 CDT 2008

> There are also Ultra Wide and LVD versions on eBay.  If I remember 
> correctly the LVD version is about $80.

Still a bit more than I've wanted to spend.  I missed a couple LVD ones at
$50 each a while back.  :^(

> > Here is a warning for anyone looking to use these under VMS though, they do
> > not support Volume Shadowing.  As such I'd really only recommend using them
> > for a disk to backup to.
> >
> You mean the HARDWARE doesn't support it, or VMS doesn't support it for 
> SCSI devices?

The hardware doesn't support the full SCSI spec, as such something needed
for Volume Shadowing under VMS is missing.

> I ordered three of them and got a "discount" of something like $18 for 
> the UPS shipping charge.

OK, that's not great, but still acceptable.  I just might order a few.


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