SCSI to IDE bridges... (and useful info for PDP-11 users)

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Wed Sep 24 03:28:13 CDT 2008

I have used the Acard AEC-7720U SCSI <> IDE bridges.

Thusfar, I have tested them with a few different brands of IDE drives;
a Caviar 2100, a Fujitsu MPA3026AT, and a Samsung SV04232A.

I have also used various sized CF cards, hung off the appropriate adapter.

During my testing, these?were attached to a PDP-11,
via a number of different Q-bus SCSI?controllers:

Dilog SQ706A
Emulex UC07

All performed similarly, and I had no trouble?formatting and using
the attached IDE disks and compact flash cards.

I don't pretend to understand the internal workings of the bridge card,
but it appears that the bridge auto-detects the capacity of the IDE drive,
and?translates that information to the SCSI side.

I don't know if there is any limitations to the size of the IDE drive used;
my testing was under RSTS/E, hence I couldn't use anything over 2.1 gig.
(Some older IDE drives support a 2.1-gig clip, which works well.)

Your mileage may vary.

If you don't need alot of storage, they do have these available on-line:

That at least eliminates the additional?IDE <> CF interface,
and makes for a smaller form-factor.? There are less expensive
models floating around on e-bay, if you look carefully.

For those with deep pockets wanting a one-piece solution to
SCSI <> CF, there is also this little puppy:

As info. . . .


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