SCSI to IDE bridges...

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Wed Sep 24 12:09:14 CDT 2008

>> For example, if my "8G" microdrive were 8G of CF instead, [...]
>> takes over 9.7 years to transfer 2PB
> My understanding is the cycle count relates to writing to a given
> block.  For use as a swap device or other heavy rewrite-in-place
> device, the 250K writes could be used up in a matter of weeks.

That's why I said that in the context of devices which did their own
wear leveling: mutating the mapping between blocks as seen by the host
and blocks in the underlying flash so as to spread the writes around is
what wear leveling _is_.

> Does CF as working storage even approach the reliability of a floppy?

If the floppy was made recently, /dev/null approaches the reliability
of a floppy. :(

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