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Thu Sep 25 13:07:07 CDT 2008

Alexander Schreiber wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 10:08:57PM -0400, Doc Shipley wrote:
>> Chuck Guzis wrote:
>>> Does CF as working storage even approach the reliability of a floppy? 
>>> I can recall running 8" floppy read-write tests for many days at a 
>>> stretch.
>>   I missed this first time around.
>>   Of 20 or 30 CF cards I've used, only one was bad out of the box, and 
>> I think a flaky connection killed that one.
>>   Of the last 100-count tray of floppies I bought, at least 15 didn't 
>> survive the first format, and another dozen or so didn't live through 
>> the second overwrite.
>>   That's my math and I'm sticking to it.
> Floppies and reliability is just a sad topic. Back when floppies were
> still an integral part of the network (think Sneakernet), one brand got
> its brand name expanded to "Byte Abweisende SchutzFolie" (translated: "Byte
> rejecting protective sheet") because they were _that_ bad.
> Regards,
>       Alex.
Hehe, I think I have two boxes of 5.25 soft sectored disks of that 
brand, still in the shrinkwrap.  Since they are so infamous, is anyone 
interested in them?  I threw them in the pilke to go to the local CBM 
show this weekend, but could pull them out.


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