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Gene Buckle geneb at
Thu Sep 25 17:55:02 CDT 2008

>> Can someone point me to where I can find the settings for this card? Even
>> Total Hardware 99 comes up short.
> Dunno about the PC800 specifically, but it was packaged with Zip
> drives for a short time.  An .INF file from the Iomega driver pack
> shows the following:
> [With_IRQ]             ;Secondary Configuration
> ConfigPriority=HARDRECONFIG
> IOConfig=280-28f(3ff::),290-29f(3ff::),300-30f(3ff::),310-
> 31f(3ff::),330-33f(3ff::),340-34f(3ff::),348-357(3ff::),350-
> 35f(3ff::)
> IRQConfig = 7,3,4,5
> Apparently, the default was no interrupt.  Given that you now know
> the range of I/O port addresses and the possible interrupt numbers,
> perhaps it's possible to figure the jumpers out by probing I/O ports
> a little.

I just went through Total Hardware 99's cards by picture and it appears to 
be the same card as a Rancho Technology RT1000C-6/RT1000C-8.

Any idea what the correct settings would be for it to be treated as a 
bootable device in an XT, assuming the ROM has the right code on it?

Here's the link to the set up info:



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