That ubiquitous black foam

Tim Shoppa shoppa at
Fri Sep 26 21:18:11 CDT 2008

Ian wrote:
> DEC loved that black filter foam that falls apart after fifteen
> or so years.

In the ozone of LA in the 80's, a more typical life for that foam
was 2 years or so before it fell apart.

After 4 years, it was nothing but a gooey yucky mess.

And that was the time in the shade; 
Ozone+sunlight was far far worse to all sorts of stuff. Bike
tires made out of synthetic rubber would last for a few months;
real rubber had a chance of lasting a year or two.

Good that you found a source for small quantities; I always got the
equivalent from the HVAC suppliers and they sold it by the truckload only!


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