HP Laserjet II available in Seattle area

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Apr 6 13:45:18 CDT 2009

> Back when these were relatively new, I worked in a computer store
> fixing these printers among other things.  I can't remember if this is
> the exact ailment, but laserjet 2s and 3s have this little plastic
> gear that likes to break teeth.  As you open the printer, it's on the
> right side of the fuser, I believe under a plastic cover there.  It's
> about 1/2" in diameter.  There's a metal clip holding it in place.  It
> should be easy to cannibalize this from other laserjets if it's not
> still available.  I'm not sure if this is causing your paper pickup
> problem, but you should definitely check this gear.  Also, clean it

No, that gear (and the ones associated with it -- I've had the large one 
on the fuser roller itself crack -- cause paper james in the fuser area 
(because the fuser rollers don't turn). 

Pickup problesm are normally dues ot the D-shaped roller on the pickup 
shaft (at the front of the printer) and the pad it presses against. You 
have to dismantle a few sections to get it out (outer case, front frame, 
HV power supply, mains power supply, registeration assembly), but it's 
quite straightforward, and the parts are not expensive. Some people 
change the complete pickup shaft 'because it's easier', but to be honest, 
once youy got the shaft out, changing thr roller only is just a matter of 
a few circlips. 


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