HP 3000 micro gx booting MPE/V, Help >>>>

g-wright at att.net g-wright at att.net
Thu Apr 2 00:16:50 CDT 2009

Any Hp Mpe folks left out there

I have non working 3000/37s with possibly good drives and a 3000 micro GX
that works but has a bad drive.  I have tried to boot  the micro GX from  the 
3000-37 drives and get this far.

Cold Boot >

HP 32033G.B2.02

Performing a Coldstart

Following Volumes not found

List Volume tables ?
Seems to freeze after that.  It does this on 2 different drives.  
Is this even possible to do ??? 

Does anyone have a OS tape for one of these ??? and which manuals 
cover the boot menu and/or startup.

I would like to get both going but the 3000-37's have dead mother boards.

Stan Sieler, are you still around. Seems like every search I do  comes up with
your name and advice.

Thanks, Jerry

Jerry Wright
g-wright at att.net

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