DEQNA/DELQA cab kits the same or different?

Jim Beacon jim at
Fri Apr 3 14:48:54 CDT 2009

From: "Paul Koning" <Paul_Koning at>

>> I
>> have been told that the DEQNAs had problems and would lock up or
>> experience
>> other reliability issues. DEQNAs are not supported after about VMS
>> 5.4/5.5,
>> which is why I need a DELQA. I am not sure what the minimum VMS
> version
>> is
>> for DELQA though.
> DEQNAs never worked right, even after 12 revisions.  That's why they
> were dumped and the LQA was created.  For moderate loads a QNA should be
> ok, though.  The big problem was that they weren't good enough for Local
> Area VAXcluster use, which was a big thing in those days.  I don't think
> DECnet was thrilled with them either but DECnet was more tolerant of
> misbehavior.
> I don't remember DEQNAs being dumped by the PDP11 operating systems.
> paul
They work fine under RSX11. We used them on a dual network flight data 
processing system (electronic flight strips) for about 10 years.


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