The VAX is running

Paul Koning Paul_Koning at
Mon Apr 6 14:12:14 CDT 2009

>>>>> "Chuck" == Chuck Guzis <cclist at> writes:

 Chuck> On 6 Apr 2009 at 12:34, Richard wrote:
 >> Its not a lost art because several of these algorithms are
 >> documented in Knuth's Art of Computer Programming.

 Chuck> So, pull a programmer under 30 at random from his desk and ask
 Chuck> him to write a polyphase merge sort optimized for 8 tapes.

 Chuck> An art may still be lost in practice even if there's
 Chuck> literature around describing it.


I don't think polyphase sort was *ever* something J Random Programmer
could just throw together, without reading the literature.

On the other hand, given good literature (which is readily available)
any competent programmer can create the implementation.  Age isn't the
issue.  It may be strange to see polyphase sort in C# or Java, but
what the heck... :-)


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