Intercept Jr. Schematics

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Thu Apr 16 01:29:46 CDT 2009

Jeff Little (jeflittl) wrote:
> To All:
> Just in case anyone was interested, here are the schematics that I found
> for the Intercept Jr. and two of its accessory boards that were done
> about 1975 or 1976.  Your's truly drew all three of these on the drawing
> board with pencil and straightedge.  They were then turned into
> publishable versions by a graphic artist.  The two boards plus a third
> one which had a number "devices" on it for lab demos made up the initial
> Intercept Jr. product set.  This was used to support the original
> education classes that were based around this design.
> Still looking for listings of the micro-interpreter.  This was the
> software that made use of the special keyboard and was embedded in the
> mask-programmed IM6312 ROM.
> You can see that the serial interface on the PIEART was arranged to
> support either an RS-232C interface or the old-fashioned 20ma current
> loop for communication with an ASR-33 Teletype.
> On the RAM module, the board held a set of two AA batteries to provide
> battery back-up on the RAM memory.  It may be hard to believe but I do
> seem to remember that Intersil actually patented the little circuit in
> the upper right hand corner that prevented these batteries from being
> back-biased when the regular power was on and kicked them in gracefully
> when that power was lost. 
> Regards,
> Jeff Little

Is it just my system, or did every one NOT get the schematics with the email?

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