Remapping the HP150 keyboard

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Apr 19 14:34:31 CDT 2009

> > [HP59401 HPIB analyser]
> > 
> > > I got the user/service manual, it's handy when fixing the thing.
> > 
> > Does this manual have any detailed information (ROM dumps, 
> > state diagrams, etc) on the operation of the various state 
> > machines in the instrument. It's the only bit I've not 
> > seriously tried to understand yet.
> I'll have the ROM listings, if you want a scan let me know. 
> No state machines, except a overview diagram.

That could be useful... If you have time to scan it sometime (no hurry, 
my 59401 is working perfectly at the momnet), please send any scans to 
tony_duell at, and not here.

Thanks in advance for any help.

> > For doing quick tests on HPIB stuff like that, I find the 
> > handiest thing to used is an HP71B + HPIL interface + HP82169 
> > HPIL-HPIB translator. 
> Why this combination and not a HP 9816 or other basic machine with HP-IB ?

It's a lot smaller for one thing (read : I can noramlly find space for a 
71B on the bench, fiding space for a 9816 + disk drive is a bit harder!). 
It has BASIC in ROM, I don't need to boot it from disk. And the HPIB 
interface is not shared with the boot device, which means that whatever 
the device-under-test is doing, it's not going to prevent the machine 
from booting, or worse still corrupt the boot disk.

Yes, I _could_ configure my 9816 with ROM BASIC and/or a 98624 HPIB card 
and avoid those problems, (I have both of those PCBs), but it still 
wouldn't make space for it on the bench.


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