More broken Apples...

Mike van Bokhoven mike at
Sun Apr 26 07:32:08 CDT 2009

Alexandre Souza wrote:
>> So, my next step is to track down a schematic for the machine, and see
>> what I can figure out. I'm guessing I should look first at anything that
>> deals with the high four bits of memory. Thoughts, suggestions and
>> intuitive guesses welcome!
>    If the machine IC's are socketed, pull them one of a time and 
> reinsert. This simple procedure does wonders :o)
A good idea! I'm pretty sure I did it when I first looked at these 
machines a while back, but it's worth rechecking. I'll give it another 
go. Maybe it's no coincidence that the one machine that works fine has 
most chips soldered directly to the board.


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