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>   Since I wrote about the brazilian apples, I'll write a bit about the
> brazilian mix-up clones.
>   A "mix-up" is a clone with a whole different cabinet, copied from another
> computer.
>   Here we go:
>   TK85 (microdigital) - ZX81 with 16K and some circuit enhancements,
> Cabinet from Sinclair Spectrum
>   TK95 (microdigital) - Sinclair Spectrum with some ROM enhancements,
> cabinet from Commodore Plus4
>   TK2000 (microdigital) - MPF1000 clone, Cabinet from Atari 1200XL
>   CP400 (Prologica) - CoCo Clone (CoCoClo :oD) with cabinet from Timex
> Sinclair 2068
>   MicroEngenho (Spectrum) - Apple clone, Cabinet from PC-XT
>   These are the "mix-ups" as far as I know. Feel free to contact me if you
> find something beyond that :o)
>   Greetings from Brazil,
>   Alexandre, PU1BZZ
You missed the TK90X which appears to be an enhanced 48K Spectrum with a
built-in joystick port. I've not dared to power mine up yet!

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