pdp11/15 find

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at hachti.de
Thu Apr 30 18:11:51 CDT 2009

Bob Adamson schrieb:
> As an unexpected freebie while I was picking up another pdp8 I've acquired a
> small pdp11/15. I'm really an 8-man so this is a bit of a foreigner but it
> seemed a shame to let it be thrown away.
Yes, it's a nice machine. Still looking forward to rescue one, too.

> I was quite interested to see the construction method with the cards
> upside-down in the backplane and a snazzy rotatable rack mount for servicing
> - unusual (to me at least).
PDP-8/L uses exactly the same structure.
The whole machine looks like an 8/L with some more switches and new colors....

Best wishes,



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