Computer auction in Vancouver BC

John Ball ball.of.john at
Tue Dec 1 12:29:42 CST 2009

If you live in Vancouver you MUST check this out:

Almost 120 machines are for sale, including:

* Boxed IBM 5150 Personal Computer - The original PC from 1982, from which
all modern PCs are still derived. Comes in box with accessories and manuals.
* NeXT cube and NeXT Stations - The computers on which the World Wide Web
was created.
* Boxed Amiga 1000 - The first of a revolutionary line of computers. Comes
in box with accessories and hardware upgrades.
* Atari 1040STE - One of Atari's best and well know in the world of music.
* Apple Macintosh 128k - The original Mac from 1984.
* In addition to systems, there are other goodies like Model M keyboards for

I have seen the stuff with my own eyes and this is not something to miss.
There are some real gems going up for grabs.
Sadly, no PDP stuff. :(


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