Amiga Sidecar (was Re: Computer auction in Vancouver BC)

Keith Monahan keithvz at
Wed Dec 2 10:22:14 CST 2009

Cameron Kaiser wrote:

> The original Amiga demo in 1985 had a segment where the Amiga was running
> DOS software. On the screen, it says [sic]
> Amiga Transformer
> Copyright 1984,1985  Simile Research
>     Beta Version 3.5
> Please insert a DOS diskette in drive A:
>     press RETURN to start the DOS
>     or
>     press ESC to return to the Amiga DOS
> The operator inserted a floppy, booted the system, and then started
> Lotus 1-2-3. Speed seemed reasonably competitive to me for 1985.

Ahh yes, Transformer.  I ran that years ago.

It was a software-only solution.  It wasn't perfect, and yeah, it seemed 
pretty slow.

AMAX-II, which was a Macintosh emulator, was much much better.


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