Iomega Click Of Death (was Different take on 10 Yr. 'RULE')

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Dec 4 16:25:23 CST 2009

> wind the tape all the way off the other spool.  The tape wasn't attached at
> all, just wound around the reel with enough extra to hold it in place.  I
> don't know how many times I've opened those QIC cartridges and crazy-glued
> the tape back onto the reel after blowing the dust out of the drive.  They

Yiu don;'t need (and shouldn't) glue anything. You cna just wind the tape 
on as it was origianlly, then turn the 2 reels in opposite directions by 
hand to tension the tape, reassemble the catridge and do the normal 
'retension tape' procedure on the drive. 

This was in the user manuals for some of the QIC drives I've worked with 
(back when user manuals contained useful information).

> didn't want their data back.  They were just too cheap to buy new
> cartridges.  :-/

Although the manuals make it clear this procesudre is to be done only to 
recover data from damaged tapes. And that you should buy new tapes 

Does anyobody elase remebr the 'what is the true cost of a diskette' 
advert? It gave some very high figure and then pointed out that $2 (or 
something) was the media and the rest was paying a typist to re-enter the 
data. I don;'t think it pointed out that if you didn;'t have a copy of 
the data, the cost was going to be even higher, That ad conviced me to 
always use good-quality media (not necessarily from whatver company it 
was advertising, thohgh).


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