Kagan barn destroyed

Andrew Burton aliensrcooluk at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Dec 5 14:06:40 CST 2009

It is great that he is ok, but a terrible thing about the loss of the computers and other equipment stored in there.
Is the source of the fire known at this point?

Andrew B
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Subject: Kagan barn destroyed
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I am surprised this has not made list news yet.

Claude Kagan had a terrible fire yesterday morning that completely
destroyed his barn. The barn was fairly well known to many East coast
collectors, as it was the home of the RESISTORS, a group of 1970s
teenage hackers, as well as being the home of his collection of
interesting technological items, including quite a few computers.
Claude is unharmed and in decent spirits, and his house is unharmed,
except for lack of electricity.

The barn held many interesting machines over the years. Every so often
Claude would let one go - sometimes to individuals, other times to
museums. At the time of the fire, he still had some AT&T 3B2s, a
Teletype 37, a Symbolics 3670, a more or less complete small town
Central Office complex, and most importantly, the legendary Burroughs

Claude and I had just started to clean up the barn three weeks ago,
and while I pulled out a good pile of very good documentation, much
was lost. It is likely that there is little or nothing that can be

I made an emergency side trip today to help out, as I was down in New
Jersey anyway. The destruction is total. The Burroughs is sticking out
of the rubble, gutted and stripped of paint. The Burroughs is dead.


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