HP-IB disc drive emulation program available

J. David Bryan jdbryan at acm.org
Mon Dec 7 21:39:43 CST 2009

On Monday, December 7, 2009 at 10:54, Christian Corti wrote:

> > Windows PC....
>   ^^^^^^^^^^
> ... but alas, this makes it pretty useless for me :-(

I use a dedicated "junk" PC for this.  I picked up a few 64 MB 400 MHz "no-
name" systems with Win98 on them for free.  These make great disc drives 
for HP 64000 stations.

The 64000 has pretty stringent timing requirements, and it'll report disc 
failures if there is any appreciable delay in response to HP-IB commands.  
You might use a very fast shared system, but Windows doesn't really have 
deterministic response.  A simple dedicated system is probably more 
reliable as an emulator.

The 1000 OS (RTE) isn't quite so picky, so a shared system might work OK.

                                      -- Dave

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