HW supported by ULTRIX?

J Blaser oldcpu at rogerwilco.org
Tue Dec 8 17:11:58 CST 2009

I've been trying to find a chart of support hardware under the various
releases of DEC's ULTRIX flavor of UNIX, but am drawing a blank.

I have a couple of systems that came to me with versions of ULTRIX,
a MicroVAX II/GPX running v2.2, and a DECSystem 5400
(RISC-based) running v4.2 (I've since upgraded this to v4.5...thanks

So, I'm curious about which VAX and RISC systems were supported
by which versions of ULTRIX.

A lengthy Google search finally turned up a chart for VMS/OpenVMS at:
which is useful for the VMS side of things.  Glad to have found it.

Can anyone point me to a similar reference related to ULTRIX?

-- Jared

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