HW supported by ULTRIX?

J Blaser oldcpu at rogerwilco.org
Wed Dec 9 20:46:59 CST 2009

Ethan Dicks wrote:
> On 12/9/09, Zane H. Healy <healyzh at aracnet.com> wrote:
>> No denying that.  Off the top of my head Ultrix-32 v2 is probably the
>> minimum you'll get running on a MicroVAX II.
> I loaded Ultrix T2.0 (pre-release "Test" version?) from TK50 in about
> 1986 or 1987 on an early MicroVAX II.  Prior to that, I loaded some
> flavor of Ultrix v1 from magtape onto an 11/730 w/RB80 disk.  That
> doesn't say what will or won't work in terms of the boundary cases,
> but it's two points on the curve.
> In both cases, I remember that installation took most of a day, and it
> was a major wait for the kernel to compile.

Ha!  I can believe it!  Slightly off-topic here, I just went through a 
build of a Linux 2.2 kernel on an old 386sx @ 16MHz with 7MB RAM just to 
see what it would do, if anything.  Sure enough, if you wait long enough 
(60 hours in this case) it will do the job, and I now have a custom 
kernel for an utterly useless system.  Well, it can sort of do 
email...slowly.  ;)

Anyway, back to the ULTRIX question, as (if?) I come across what seems 
to be fairly reliable and definitive information, I'll start my own 
chart of sorts.

-- Jared

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