Amiga Demo's

Pontus pontus at
Thu Dec 10 13:53:43 CST 2009

Jim Leonard wrote:
> Alexandre Souza - Listas wrote:
>>> For the curious, you can view most popular Amiga demos with author
>>> commentary (covers some of the programming tricks and circumstances
>>> under how they were created) on the second MindCandy DVD:
>>    Shameless plug! :oD You just forgot to say this great works has
>> your signature :D
> Didn't want to be seen as spamming the list :-) even though I think
> I've only mentioned it once in two years.  Can never be too safe!
> As long as the cat's out of the bag, I want to say that the DVD is
> "purist-safe".  I used real Amiga hardware to make the DVD, going so
> far as to purchase a broadcast scan converter, use the raw RGB output
> of all Amigas, calibrating levels along the way.  Any noise left over
> as part of the process was corrected digitally in 10-bit space.  Since
> most of the footage was PAL, I converted to NTSC using motion
> synthesis avisynth scripts that generated new frames based on
> inbetweens (ie. no stupid frame blending or duplication) and cleaned
> up conversion errors by hand.   I'm really proud of the work and I
> know it would stand up to the scrutiny of most people here on the list.

I will shamelessly say it is a great DVD. I'll probably need to take
another look through it tomorrow. I also have the PC demo DVD, which is
my favorite.

Will there be another disc? I'm not really pushing for one, but I'm curious.


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