IBM RT-PC available

Steven Hirsch snhirsch at
Sun Dec 13 20:51:59 CST 2009

On Sun, 13 Dec 2009, Philip Belben wrote:

>> In my ongoing effort at clearing space, I must part with my beloved IBM 
>> RT-PC.  This is a desktop form-factor with the "enhanced advanced CPU" 
>> (don't you love 80s marketing-speak) running at a stunning 16Mhz. with 8MB 
>> of memory on-board.
> Wow!  I was working at IBM when the RT-PC was launched (1986?)  I actually 
> have (acquired much later) a 6150 - the desk-side RT-PC.  I like the system, 
> and I wish I could spare more time to work on it (well, that's true of most 
> of my systems, I suppose).

The desk-side box was a monster, wasn't it?  I had one of those about ten 
years ago, but ended up giving it away due to lack of space (a chronic 

>> - A bookshelf or two of documentation
> On those weird square-page manuals in ring binders?

The same!  Many boxes of them, I'm afraid.  System, AIX, programming - 
even the assembler reference :-).



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