DEC Server 200/MC

tiggerlasv at tiggerlasv at
Mon Dec 14 05:38:48 CST 2009

As mentioned earlier, the DECServer 200/MC won't work for your 
as it only speaks LAT.   Additionally, it needs to boot from a host 
every time it starts.

I've experimented with a few different terminal servers,
and there are several out there that should be adequate to the task.

The Lantronix ETS series is very compact, and easy to set up.
It speaks LAT as well as TCP/IP.
The drawback is that when you telnet IN to the Lantronix, it displays
a rather annoying welcome message that I don't believe you can disable.
(At least that was my experience.)

The Xyplex 1600 series of terminal servers seemed to work the best,
but configuration can be a PITA, if you're not used to them.
I would recommend the 1620 with flash card, and 4MB of RAM, if you go 
that route.


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