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Mon Dec 14 18:10:45 CST 2009

On Monday (12/14/2009 at 06:38AM -0500), tiggerlasv at wrote:
> The Lantronix ETS series is very compact, and easy to set up.
> It speaks LAT as well as TCP/IP.
> The drawback is that when you telnet IN to the Lantronix, it displays
> a rather annoying welcome message that I don't believe you can disable.
> (At least that was my experience.)

On the Lantronix, you can telnet directly to a port for outbound service
(if the port is configured for that) by telnet'ing to port:

	2000 + port#	for "cooked" terminal sessions

	3000 + port#	for raw terminal sessions

so, if you have your device on port 2,

	telnet ets 3002

will get you to port 2 of the ETS in raw, unmolested character mode.

I use many ETS8 and ETS16 around here for connecting all sorts of serial
gadgets and vintage machines with RS232 consoles.

If you are not so concerned about having a vintage terminal server for
this application and only need a single port, you might consider one
of these:

SitePlayer Telnet

I also use these for connecting various embedded system gadgets and
they are very easy to configure with a web based UI and are a pretty
low cost single port device server.  Same deal for accessing the port,
you telnet to the IP address and configurable port of the device server
and you get connected to the serial port on the backside.

Chris Elmquist

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