Amdek Color-I RGB monitor repair - nevermind!

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Dec 15 13:25:06 CST 2009

> Sigh. And my second (and final) followup, this time with very red face.

Err, why? You fixed it, didn't you? Alas not every fault requires a 
service manual and 'scope..

> No electronic repair was needed. Yes, it was a gummed up power knob.  Spritz
> with contact cleaner, push in and out a few times, and it's good as new. Carry
> on about your business while I hide under a rock.

Perhaps I shouldn't mention the time I spent figuring out why an SMPSU 
just wouldn't start up. Fuse on the PCB was fine. Switch was fine. What I 
took to be t he startup resistor (no schematics) tested fine. Chopper 
transsitor was fine. And so on.

Tuens out somebody had removed the fuse from the mains plug (UK BS1363 
mains plugs contain a cartridge fuse). There was no other fault...


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