IBM RT Mouse Was: IBM RT-PC available

F.J. Kraan fjkraan at
Tue Dec 15 13:06:15 CST 2009

> Since I lack a mouse for mine, can I put in a plea that whoever does 
> adopt this system consider selling / trading me the mouse?  10 years ago 
> IBM told me the 6150 mouse was no longer available, but there was a 
> replacement, for which quoted me 150 pounds.  They wouldn't tell me the 
> part number of the replacement, but I am pretty sure it was just a 
> Logitech PC mouse and an adaptor to plug it into the 6150.  I tried 
> making my own connector (from a Compaq laptop power supply connector, 
> iirc), but had little success.
The IBM RT mouse I have (Part No. OOF2383) is definitly a protocol 
mouse, as it has a HD63A01XOF processor for two encoders and two buttons 

I can check out the wiring and protocol (if not propietary) later.

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