HP Integral / display schematic ?

Rik Bos hp-fix at xs4all.nl
Sat Dec 19 08:53:38 CST 2009

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> Onderwerp: HP Integral / display schematic ?
> First the TU56 broke, then the Lilith disks goes, and now it 
> is the HP Integral's turn .
> The Integral, stored a year ago in working condition, has a 
> display problem.
> After switching on the Integral makes all the right noises, 
> but the display remains off.
> Anyone has a pinout, or schematic , of the Sharp LJ512U03 
> EL-display as used in the Integral ?
> ( there is something, but not much, in the 1985 HP Journal )
> a replacement will be hard to find, and far too expensive of course.
> I do wonder how those with 100+ computers keep them all 
> runnning, I have maybe 25 classics and find it hard to keep 
> them alive.
> 		Jos Dreesen


Let it on for a while, I had the same problem. 
After letting it on for a few hours, the display came back online. 
I think it had to do some regeneration of it's caps...
After that it runs fine, I power it up every few month's


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