Opening 20 year old software on it's anniversary

Jim Leonard trixter at
Wed Dec 23 00:30:00 CST 2009

Robert Borsuk wrote:
> So about a month ago I purchased some Wang branded MSDOS software off of eBay.  Much to my delight, when it arrived, it was still factory sealed.   I showed my wife the date of manufacture on the label and she suggested I wait to open it.   I reluctantly agreed to wait.  So it's been about a month and today is the day.   Please enjoy some pictures of the moment.


I really miss that style of art/illustration.  I tried to explain what 
the predominant "modern" art style of the 1980s was to a friend and 
tried to explain it as a combination of op-art, Memphis Furniture, and 
Nagel's clean poster lines, influenced a bit by punk and new wave music 
wardrobes.  Then and right now, I couldn't seem to do it justice.  If 
anyone has an art background, I'd love to try to get a handle on what 
that kind of art style was called.

To keep this OT, and to hopefully try to explain what I'm trying to say, 
here are more examples of this kind of style in the software (and its 
packaging) of the time:,61/,41063/,99/,6759/

And from a firm that did software package design during that era:

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