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Thu Dec 24 07:51:24 CST 2009

My task for the new year is to bring the Autocode NC/CNC product forward to Autocad 2010.
It has turned out that as the last man standing with Source, I am now the last custodian of the code. 

Which translator is your friend using ?

The other Bob

On Wed, 23 Dec 2009 15:05:48 -0800, jim s wrote:

>One of my medium computer literate friends had rigged up a system using 
>a single serial port and a switch box to his shop.  But all of his code 
>was commercial.  Autocad with addons at the top of the food chain, and 
>several support translator programs added on.

>Costs a fortune for software but he did a lot with a little in terms of 
>having to get custom hardware rigs, or his own programming.  He made 
>more money programming in CNC language (which he could do by hand) to 
>pay for the high software costs.  I guess programming a PC to multiply 
>the return is a good way to go too.

>I have been looking at Acramatic controls because they are Microdata 
>1600 based (900 series) but not much else.  The ones I'd like to get 
>hold of of that type would not need a machine attached, since I have 
>other firmware to run on them.


>Roger Holmes wrote:
>>> From: "Rick Bensene" <rickb at>
>>> Earlier controls had RS-232 ports.  

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