Vitek & Alcyon Regulus info (early 68k UNIX)

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at
Tue Dec 29 18:17:19 CST 2009

Dennis Boone wrote:
> If I'm ambitious (hah!) tonight, maybe I'll see about hacking that into
> the crypt(1) implementation and testing it.

I'm trying to reimplement the PDP11 version of crypt(1) in C. Given that 
until ~30 minutes ago I didn't know a single thing about the PDP11 other 
than "it's big, heavy, and goes in an equipment rack", it might take a 

I've already un-learned everything I learned about x86 assembler. Thank 
$DEITY, I've been trying to purge that from my brain for YEARS.... :)

And the more of this mess I convert, the more I want to buy a PDP11 (or 
build a clone) and play... 8^O

classiccmp at

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