Coleco Adam name?

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> How is it written on the machine's nameplate?  AFAIC, that's the 
> correct way it should be written.

> < OT: rant > If it's officially written in all caps, then I * might * 
> mention on the first reference that the vendor did so, but only if I can 
> think of some reason why my readers needs to know.  In all subsequent 
> references I'd write it "correctly".  I simply refuse to be a party to 
> any company's marketing.  As far as I'm concerned, "marketing" is just a 
> business word for "lie."  The reason companies put names in all caps 
> even when they're not acronyms is so the names STAND OUT on shelves and 
> in the press.  That goes against my job, which is to tell the truth or 
> as close as I can get to it. < / OT: rant >

Upper case on both the computer & the box it came in on mine. So it's ADAM
not Adam.

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