720RPM 3.5" FDDs?

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Sun Feb 1 13:59:02 CST 2009

On 1 Feb 2009 at 19:35, Phill Harvey-Smith wrote:

> IIRC there is also a series of floppy controlers for the Sinclair QL 
> that can format these disks to 3.2MB.

Many PCs (particulary those of the P1-P3 era) can handle ED drives, 
as the capability is part of the normal Intel controller architecture 
used in the "Super I/O" chipsets.

The Sinclair QL sounds less like a special controller (vs. one the 
does standard 2.88MB format) than an alternate format (1024 x 20 x 2 
x 80 as opposed to 512 x 36 x 2 x 80).

I've got a couple of boxes of NIB 3M DSED floppies--I've never found 
them to be particularly reliable, which might be one of the reasons 
for the format's demise.

There is also a 2.4MB 5.25" format used in some IBM systems.


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