Anyone have a line on batteries for the NLS portable

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Feb 6 13:03:47 CST 2009

> > Are we talking about more or less standard gel cells?  The 2V terminal voltage
> > would seem to indicate so.
> Yes.
> > Those are *very* standardized,  in terms of similar sizes being offered by a
> > great many different manufacturers.  When I was doing the retail battery
> > thing some years back (roughly 1993-5),  we carried PowerSonic and one other
> > brand I'm not remembering at the moment,  and the sizes for similar
> > capacities was a pretty good match for the Panasonic units listed in the
> > Digi-Key catalog.  Folks would come in with all sorts of other units and I
> > was usually able to match them up with something that would fit.
> I'm not concerned about specific vendors - just D-sized (to fit the
> enclosure) with solder-tabs.

If they're cylindrical (and if the 'D size' means the same size a a 
D-size primary cell (like a torch (flashlight) cell), then these sound 
like 'Cyclon cells'. The smallest one of those is about the same size as 
a D-cell and it's 2V, 2.5Ah. 

Last time I needed some (for HP9114 disk drives and 110/110+ computers), 
I had no torouble in getting them in the UK.


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