Anyone have a line on batteries for the NLS

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Feb 9 14:46:02 CST 2009

> If not, I am sure you can find a schematic for 3 or 4 tube scope. :)

I am pretty sure I have a schematic for a 1-valve (other than the CRT) 
'scope. Yes, there were soem semiconductor diodes in the PSU circuit, but 
no transistors or ICs (or other active components).

It was published in one of the UK magazines back in the 1950s, and was 
intended for use in repairing valve TVs (where signal amplitudes were 
pretty hiyh). So there wa no Y amplifier, the input when to the Y plates.

The vlave was, IIRC, a thyratron, used to make a simple timebase. 


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