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On Feb 14, 2009, at 12:48 AM, Chris Kennedy wrote:

> John Floren wrote:
>> Could you explain about head locks? I have never heard of the term.
> Many SMD drives have mechanical spindle and head locks for shipping
> purposes.  It's pretty obvious when either are in place, as the thing
> won't spin or the heads won't load, respectively -- although both  
> should
> result in a fault condition.
> Your problem almost sounds like a bad/mis-connected B-cable.
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I can guarantee that the heads are not locked. The NIC 6600  
workstation was working condition, 24/7 until about 4 years ago, when  
I came in one morning to use the FTIR spectrometer it was connected  
to and got the SMD timeout error when trying to access the FTIR  
software on the SMD disk. Spent some time back then checking for  
loose cables and other obvious problems, but couldn't find anything  
that stood out. It had been running fine the previous day- no power  
outages in the building, etc. It's been powered down in it's original  
location since then,until this week.

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