Tektronix 4225 -- is it an X terminal?

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 13:44:32 CST 2009

Richard wrote:
> See ebay item # 360132413754
> That listing just includes the base unit, but thankfully has closeup
> pictures of the connectors on the back.
> It looks like it takes AUI ethernet or RS-232 and outputs RGB video.
> Anyone familiar with these puppies?  I've not seen one before.

Heck, that's interesting. I'll dig in my notes in a bit in case they shed any 
light, but some speculation follows...

That case style remarkably like my XD88, only cut down in height. I wondered 
at first if it was indeed a complete UTek-capable UNIX box but intended to run 
an external disk (most of the XD88's case height is due to the full-height 
drives inside) - but the lack of a obvious disk port (it'd logically have a 
Centronics SCSI port where the "computer" label is) suggests that isn't the case.

It could, I suppose, be designed to boot and run solely from an OS image on a 
remote system via the Ethernet port. It might also contain a HH hard drive 
inside; if the XD88 had HH drives the guts could probably just be squeezed 
into a case that size.

The fact that it has a local floppy drive and RS232 ports suggests to me that 
it's more than a mere X term anyway (but then Tek did do some pretty 
complicated terminals back in the day) - plus my XD88 is circa 1988 and very 
soon after that slimline X terminals existed in abundance, so I'm not sure 
what this particular critter would have to offer if it's just a big X term 
with local floppy storage.

Shame it's so far away or I think I'd be putting in my first ever EBay bid :-)
I'd love to see an inside pic of it.



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