Canon LPB-10 info sought.

Paul Koning Paul_Koning at
Thu Feb 19 15:00:51 CST 2009

>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Duell <ard at> writes:

 >> I am looking for info on this very early (1979) laserprinter.  In
 >> particular I need to know the electrical and software interface.

 Tony> I have an idea that at least one version had a very low-level
 Tony> interface. No internal formatter, there were signals on the
 Tony> interface to turn the laser on/off, a return signal to indicate
 Tony> when the beam was staring a scan across the drum, and so
 Tony> on. Somewhat similar to the CX-VDO interface.

 Tony> What is the connector on your printer. I think the low-level
 Tony> interface used a 50 way Microribbon connector.

Not a laser printer but similar... I worked with a Versatec
electrostatic printer (100 dpi or so) in 1976.  It used a simple
bitmap interface, you'd just feed it pixels one scan line at a time.

It was hooked up to a Cyber 73.


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