VAX cables for the cost of postage

Peter Coghlan pcoghlan+cctech at
Mon Feb 23 08:27:44 CST 2009

>> A weird DEC cable, DB25 male on one end, and what I think is QBus
>> female on the other (3 rows of pins, 17/16/17 - DB50?).  I'm guessing
>> this will be a huge score to someone, just not sure what it goes
>> with.  :)
>I'm not sure how fair it is to call a DD50 "Qbus", since Qbus is a
>card-edge connector bus.

The Qbus sockets on the back of my Vax 4000-100A are DD50 so I guess
DD50 connectors are used on Qbus cables for at least some applications?

>>But this might be a SCSI cable; I've seen both DB25 and DD50 used for
>>SCSI (D-shell SCSI in my experience always uses male connectors on the
>>cables, but my experience with DD50 SCSI is pretty much limited to
>>Suns).  It might be useful to buzz it out....

It sounds to me like a V.24 adapter cable for something like a DEMSA X.25
router and various other DEC synchronous serial items. This would seem to
be a BC19D-02 from what I can find. Is there a part number stamped on it?



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