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Mon Feb 23 13:00:50 CST 2009

Paul Koning wrote:

> That makes sense.  Switching supplies tend to be designed far more
> closely to the margin.  (And that assumes the original good design
> hasn't been butchered by unscrupulous manufacturers; for an example of
> that read the article in QST a few years ago about modifying a
> switching supply to be a ham radio supply.)  I remember reading
> articles in the trade press about how to size inductors, and
> transformers, in switching supplies.  It's all about making them as
> small as possible while still able to handle the load.  This is why
> modern switchers get noticeably warm when in use.  So the margin of
> error is less than it used to be.

And since the market for most switchers seems to be PC's with a
life span of 6 months before they are out dated, I don't see them
needing a long lifespan.

>       paul

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