1" paper tape buy ?

Henk Gooijen henk.gooijen at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 25 13:47:09 CST 2009

Hi all,
I was searching for a company that sells 1" unoiled paper tape, here
in The Netherlands. No luck. After googling and many pages, I found
a company in the USA: http://www.wncsupply.com/paper-tape-rolls.html
I would like to buy one or two rolls of 1000 ft, order# 0400A,
R-V-PU471 Unoiled / Printed Top Arrow yellowish color, but it comes
in either a package of 28 rolls (1) and weighs 40 lbs, or in a quart
package, 7 rolls, still a weight of 10 lbs. The 7 rolls package costs
$80. That OK, but the shipping costs would make it quite expensive.
My question is simple.
Are there people on this list who also want to buy some rolls of 1"
nice looking yellow paper tape?  I would take 2 (or 3) rolls.
Hint:  Get a paper tape reader from an old CNC machine from eBay.
(I bought one for $30 and another for $79 two weeks ago). You can
interface such a reader to a computer, in my case the SBC6120 !
Think of it ... booting the SBC6120 from a paper tape. Is that cool?
The site also sells nice reels (http://www.wncsupply.com/reels.html).
I wanted to buy the 4" blue ones, but again shipping costs, aarggghh.
However, a nice lady from the company emailed me that she is looking
into the shipping costs, as the costs quoted on their site is a bit
I hope to hear from one or two people also looking for a few paper
tape rolls ... Please contact me off list.
Links to other companies that sell 1" paper tape are also welcome!
- Henk, PA8PDP


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