AMI S2350 USRT datasheet?

John Robertson jrr at
Fri Jan 2 12:44:11 CST 2009

Chris Elmquist wrote:
> Does anyone happen to have a datasheet or scans from a databook for the
> AMI S2350 USRT?  This is a synchronous receiver/transmitter that was used
> in several floppy controllers-- including the Heath H17/H88-1 and a PERCOM
> SS-50 bus (for SWTPC 6800) system that I have.
> I cannot find any documents for this beast online.  I also tried contacting
> ON Semiconductor who now own AMI but they claim to be unable to find said
> datasheet.
> It should be circa 1979, 1980 I believe...  if anyone has an AMI databook
> from that period.
> Thanks.
> Chris
It is shown in my copy of the AMI 1981 Catalog - pages 5-119 through 
5-126 inclusive. I can scan that for you later (email me) but I am just 
a bit busy doing year-end books and can't get around to it for a few days.

This does cover pinout and pin definitions plus timing diagrams.

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