RSTS/E question and media

Paul Koning Paul_Koning at
Mon Jan 5 10:22:45 CST 2009

>>>>> "Ken" == Ken Seefried <ken at> writes:

 Ken> From: Andrew Back <andrew at>
 >> Right, so I'd need to plumb the 11/53 into say an Alpha via a
 >> serial connection. Sync... so I'd need to get a PCI sync card too,
 >> for the latter.  Ugh.

 Ken> Is this something you could do with a low end Cisco (2500 class)
 Ken> and the apropos IOS image (Enterprise, with support for DECNet)?
 Ken> Sync serial is built in.

Sync DECnet on that serial line?  That would be an interesting
approach.  It sounds like it should work.  It also would require the
Cisco box to be able to talk to DECnet Phase III, unless the RSTS
system is running 9.3 or later.  If they implemented DECnet Phase IV
correctly that should work.


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