Lifting heavy rack-mount gear (was Re: PDP-8/e rack questions)

Dave McGuire mcguire at
Tue Jan 6 07:56:46 CST 2009

On Jan 6, 2009, at 6:07 AM, Steve Maddison wrote:
>>> That is how my TU56 is hung in the H960 rack. You need help to
>>> mount the TU56. I did it alone, and remember that is was heavy
>>> to do on my own, hanging the TU56 in the 5th 10.5" position,
>>> counting from the bottom :-)
>>  I did mine alone as well.  It is definitely a very heavy  
>> machine.  I had
>> back pains for days after doing that.
> Probably hard to justify the cost for occasional use, but I'd really
> like to get one of these before I do myself any permanent damage:
> [link to random supplier
> of lift trolleys]
> I reckon you could slide out your kit, then pump that thing up
> underneath before undoing the screws. Replacement is the reverse of
> the removal procedure, as they say.

   I had one of those at work many years ago.  I loved it.  When I  
achieve world domination, I'll buy one for myself. :-)


Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL

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